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TA2 Bodyshock

you don’t need to go to the gym to get the results you’re looking for. TA2 BODYSHOCK is a total body toning and fat burning workout program that you can do anywhere or anytime, including your own living room - in less than 30-MINUTES a day - just 3-DAYS a week.

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Easy-To-Follow Instruction

The TA2 program consists of alternating rounds of HIIT and TABATA, utilizing Undersun Resistance Bands. Each round is made up of multiple exercises, each targeting specific muscle groups.

Step-By-Step Coaching

Every resistance band exercise in the TA2 Bodyshock program is demonstrated on screen with proper technique. You’ll know exactly what to do on every set.

Ultimate Convenience

With TA2 Bodyshock, you not only get results fast, but you have the freedom to train anywhere, anytime – at home or even on the road. Your bands and your phone are all you need!

Revving Your Metabolic Engine 

Building lean muscle is the easiest way to increase your body’s ability to burn more calories.

Better Than Free Weights

UNDERSUN Strength Bands offer the same muscle-building benefits as barbells and dumbbells, plus a host of other features.

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