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    TA2 incorporates High Intensity Interval Training with TABATA, to maximize fat loss in the shortest amount of time. TA2 differs from other weight loss programs by incorporating resistance bands, and full-body workouts, to target each and every muscle, for maximum calories burned and overall body toning.

    STEP 1: Click "Start Program"

    STEP 2: Select the month

    STEP 3: Select the week

    STEP 4: Select the day

    STEP 5: Follow video for each round

    STEP 6: 60-sec rest between rounds

    STEP 7: Click "End Workout"

    How Do You Start The Program?

    Once you’re on the workout page, you’re ready to get started. We’ve tried to add as much detail as possible to answer any possible questions. Each Round, or “module”, has 3 components:


    Videos: For every round of HIIT and TABATA there is a video, with TA2 Co-Creator, and Fitness Expert, Annik Nayler, that coaches you through the round exercise by exercise. You can either watch the videos and do the program, or put your headphones in and listen to the audio only.

    Photos: For every round, there are two photos next to each exercise, demonstrating what the exercise looks like at the beginning of the movement and the end.

    Description: At the top of each round, or “module”, it tells you how long to do each exercise and how long to rest between each exercise. Here’s an example for HIIT: (60 Seconds On - 30 Seconds Rest). This means you will do each exercise in that round for 60 seconds, at high intensity, and then rest 30 seconds before starting the next exercise.

    What Does The Name TA2 Stand For?

    TA2 stands for “Train Anywhere. Train Anytime”, and the TA2 HITT & TABATA program is no exception. Combined with Undersun Resistance Bands, this is a complete weight loss, and muscle toning program, that you can do whereever you are.

    What Makes TA2 Different Than Other HIIT Programs?

    Most HIIT & TABATA programs are great for weight loss and cardiovascular conditioning, but there usually is not a resistance component to help tone and build muscle. Even if your goal is only to lose weight, having more lean muscle is the fastest and easiest way to burn more calories. The TA2 program incorporates the use of resistance bands so that every major muscle group is targeted, for a total-body workout.

    What is HIIT?

    HIIT is an acronym that stands for High Intensity Interval Training. In traditional cardio, such as a treadmill, you maintain a steady heart-rate throughout the workout. In HIIT training you do rounds of higher-intensity exercise, elevating your heart-rate, followed by a period of rest to bring your heart-rate back down. HIIT is highly effective for burning calories both during the workout, and even a "post-workout burn" of up to 2 hours. The HIIT rounds in the TA2 program include 1-minute of high-intensity exercise, followed by 30-seconds of rest.

    What is Tabata?

    Tabata is a type of HIIT training, with shorter intervals. In traditional HIIT the rounds of exercise can last up to 3-minutes. Tabata intervals are shorter with 20-seconds of intense exercise, followed by 10-seconds of rest. To maximize the benefits of HIIT you need to challenge yourself, and the shorter 20-second rounds make it easier to push hard during those high-intensity rounds.

    How Does The Program Work?

    The TA2™ program consists of alternating rounds of HIIT and TABATA, utilizing Undersun Resistance Bands. Each round is made up of multiple exercises, each targeting specific muscle groups. The sequence of each round is designed to maximize the energy and intensity of the workout, yet provide adequate recovery time. These workouts are short in overall time but are fun and highly effective.

    How Many Times a Week Do You Do The Workouts?

    In the TA2™ HIIT & Tabata program it’s recommended that you do the workouts a minimum of three times a week. To maximize your results you can do the program up to four times a week. Any more than 4x’s a week you will not be getting adequate recovery time.

    How Long Does Each Workout Take To Complete?

    In the beginning of the program you will be able to complete a workout in under 25 minutes.

    How Much Rest Between Each Round?

    In each day’s workout, you will alternate between rounds of HIIT and TABATA. Once you finish each round, you will rest for 30-seconds before starting the next round.

    What Is an “Anchored Exercise”?

    In the first 4-weeks of the TA2 program you will be doing exercises where you only need to anchor the bands with your own body. As we move into month 2 we bring in new exercises that require you to anchor one end of the band to something secure. Depending on the exercise, sometimes an anchor point may be either high, low or in the middle. If you’re in a park you can anchor the bands to a pull-up bar. If you’re in a gym you can anchor them to a piece of workout equipment. If you’re at home, the office, or a hotel, you can use the optional Undersun Door Anchor and attach the bands at any height to virtually any door.

    Why Are The Exercises In The First Month Unanchored?

    By learning all the exercises that you can do, by anchoring the band with only your body, you are creating an arsenal of exercises that you can do virtually anywhere. This way even if you don’t have an anchor point, you’ll never have to compromise one of your workouts. So think of Month-1 as not just an introduction to resistance band training, but also as your foundation exercises.

    What If I Can’t Do The Workout The Way It’s Listed?

    It’s OK if you can’t finish the workout in the same amount of time, or fashion, that it’s laid out. The most important thing is challenging yourself with each workout. Fitness is all about small incremental steps that all add up over time. Just do what you can do in the workout, as long as you know that you are challenging yourself. Take breaks if you need to, or even modify the exercises as suggested in the videos, if you need to. Remember that fitness is a journey, not a destination. Just as long as you don’t quit you will eventually reach your goals.

    Is There a Progression to the Program?

    To maximize your results, each week of the TA2 program gradually gets more challenging, with the introduction of new exercises, longer rounds and in the final weeks less rest.