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    End your quest for a nutrition plan that works. Tried-and-true, this program is designed to help you stay lean while building muscle.


    Simplicity is Key

    Measuring cups, scales, and calorie counting be gone. In our TA2 Lean-Build Nutrition Plan, measuring your fuel intake is straightforward. You’ll form healthy habits and increase your metabolic health by following this simple and accessible approach.

    Feel Good, Look Good

    In a calorie deficit, you’ll lose fat, and as a byproduct, muscle. In a calorie surplus, you’ll gain fat. The TA2 Lean-Build Nutrition Plan hits the perfect balance to build muscle without gaining fat. We guarantee you’ll see results by following this TA2 Plan alongside our TA2 Training Program. Even better, you’ll feel energetic and strong in your workouts and beyond.

    TA2 Lean-Build



    Losing in The Wrong Way?

    Are you tired of trying diet after diet only to end up where you started? You’re not alone. Those skinny-tea detoxes and extreme low-carb diets are just that: extreme. They’re overly complicated, restrictive, and counterproductive to long term gain. If you’re looking for a sustainable change, you’ll need to look elsewhere. In a sea of diet-messaging, how are you supposed to know what works?

    Decades of Experience

    The answer is through trial and error. That’s exactly how the TA2 Lean-Build Nutrition Plan was created. Based in science and supplemented by James Grage’s decades of experience in diet and fitness, this plan is meant to foster real, life-enhancing results.

    It’s Not About Restriction, It’s About Optimization

    The TA2 Lean-Build Nutrition Plan aims to achieve a macro split of Protein, Fat and Carbs that optimizes muscle gain while maintaining leanness. Like a well-oiled machine, you’ll feel your body working more efficiently than ever before, while daily providing your body the right nutrient-blocking-blocks it requires to support your lean muscle building goals.

    Handy In More Ways Than One

    We’re taking “food handling” to the next level. We use a Hand-Guide-Measuing-Method to calculate an individual’s ideal surplus ratio. Why complicate things? Utilize a tool you’ve always got on hand to ensure you’re intaking the right amount of food for your personal needs.

    Lasting Results

    Forget about fad diets—this is the real deal. With the optimal balance of foods and the right nutrient timing, you’ll reach your goals without restricting yourself from a lifestyle of freedom.


    James Grage

    With over 25-years of training for both competition and function, James Grage has tested just about every diet under the sun. After so many times shifting his eating regimen to cater to extreme results, he learned that the best way to actually maintain those results is by following this plan.


    Tyrone Bell

    With over 15 years’ experience in the fitness industry, celebrity trainer and stuntman Tyrone Bell has spent much of his career helping people the world over to attain their desired goals and change their lives! Having worked with individuals across all demographics, Tyrone knows full well how important optimal nutrition is to reaching success

    TA2 Lean-Build